What to Look for in a Family Law Attorney in Florida

What to Look for in a Family Law Attorney in Florida

Any time you have legal issues that involve other members of your family, you want someone who will represent you who has in-depth knowledge of the law. The practice of family law generally encompasses the same areas of the law from one firm to the next, but the laws governing these issues differ according to the state. Of the diversity of areas that are covered by family law, those dealing with divorce and paternity are typically most emotionally challenging and complex. When dealing with divorce and the issues that involve the well-being of your children, finding good representation should be your primary concern.

Start with Experience

Family law attorney Cindy D. Sackrin explains “My focus on family law matters and more than 30 years of experience make me uniquely qualified to handle your Florida divorce.” Experience is one quality that should always be a priority, especially that which has been achieved in the same state. You are looking for someone to represent your rights and get the best possible results for you according to the law. An experienced Florida divorce attorney will be able to give you the best advice for your situation.

Pre-Trial Mediation

One significant difference in Florida divorce laws in comparison to those in some other states is that couples are required by law to go through mediation before taking their dispute to court. Even in states where mediation is an option rather than a requirement, couples often make the choice to work out their issues through mediation. It can often save a great deal of time and money in comparison to a trial and they can determine the outcome instead of being required to follow the instructions of a judge.

Since mediation is a requirement and not a choice in Florida, it is a good idea to look for a family law attorney who also has skills in this area. The mediator is the key to a successful mediation and knows which direction to lead the couple to reach an agreement. Even if the mediation does not lead to a resolution for every issue, the more issues that are resolved before the trial, the faster and less expensive the litigation will be.

Compassionate Legal Services

The job of a family lawyer is very much a professional one that requires a wealth of knowledge and skills. That does not mean that you should not expect your attorney to treat you with compassion and understanding. You want your advocate to have empathy for your circumstances and to understand which details of your divorce are most important to you. This area of understanding will allow them to negotiate for the issues that matter most to you and compromise on those where you have a little more flexibility.

You can learn a lot about a family law attorney by looking at their website and reading testimonials and reviews from other clients who have used their services. Let the experiences of previous clients be your guide for finding the qualities that matter the most to you in your legal representation.

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