What Paperwork Do You Need When You Are Selling a Property

What Paperwork Do You Need When You Are Selling a Property

Lots of different paperwork is required when you are selling your home. This has two purposes: firstly, you are protecting your rights as the seller. Secondly, the paperwork makes the sale of the house legal. This can be a lengthy process, so you need to make sure that every important piece of paperwork has been filled out with the correct information. You will need to find a conveyancing lawyer who can guide you through each step and will let you know whether you have made any critical omissions or mistakes. What are the different forms that you need when you are trying to sell your house?

Proof Of Identity

You need to provide your proof of identity when you are selling a house. This could come in the form of a passport or a driver’s license (full or provisional). This will allow you to proceed with the rest of the sale.

Title Deeds

The property title deeds are a document signed by you that proves you are the current owner of the house that you are attempting to sell on the property market. The document will state your full name and will highlight the exact date when you bought the house. This document needs to be produced if you need to sell the house. You can acquire this document from the solicitor who helped you buy the house or your mortgage lender.

Content Form

When you are selling a house, you are not just selling an empty shell. There will be a lot of contents and fittings which are included inside the house. The content form acts as an inventory to highlight what exactly is included in the house that is being sold. This should be complete without any omissions. A lawyer will be able to help you assemble a fully-formed content list. You can find a firm offering quality conveyancing in Twickenham.

Leasehold Form

If a landlord is selling a building, then they need to produce a leasehold form. This sets out the arrangement for the building between the new landlord and any tenants who are already living there or will move in at a later date.

Property Information

A property information form details several different areas. For example, it will stipulate the boundaries of your house and the surrounding land. It will also note any ongoing border disputes between you and the neighbours. This is important information that the new owners will need to know as soon as possible. Insurance matters will also be covered by the property information form.

Energy Performance Certificate

It is important that a property is as energy-efficient as possible. The energy performance certificate for your house will highlight the emissions that the house is making based on electricity, water and gas consumption. It will also highlight the CO2 emissions of your property. Make sure that you choose a quality conveyancing lawyer to help you with the sale of your house.

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