How to Use Pay Per Lead Services to Get Attorney Leads

How to Use Pay Per Lead Services to Get Attorney Leads

You might have heard about PPC or AdWords but are you aware of PPL or Pay per lead? This is a new way of online advertising for lawyers and law firms to get leads for their business. Although it is similar to pay per click, it is not related to Google AdWords. In this case, the law firm pays the advertising agency only when the potential lead fills out the form after clicking on the advert. This is different from the Google ads where the firm pays only for clicking on the advertisement. The agency gets paid in case of PPL only when the consumer fills out the form or takes a relevant action as mentioned in the advert.

The lawyer referral process is bound by several rules and regulations and it is sometimes a lot costly because a lawyer is aware that how much the client will be charged. But PPL is not completely similar to lawyer referral also as this is done by external advertising agencies that may not be a law firm at all. Also, Ppl does not fall into any category which is regulated by the court or government and hence is a cost-effective option for law firms.

Recently New Jersey committee on Attorney advertising has issued an opinion with regards to pay per lead advertising for the lawyers to generate attorney leads and have declared that these adverts are not at all inherently unethical. But he mentioned that it is important to make the quality more as per the standards of the lawyers so that they can gain better-paying leads.

Need for Lead Generation for Lawyers

Lead generation is a necessary and important part of maintaining and growing the legal practice especially for individuals and smaller firms. But there are several fake ad agencies that have made it risky for law firms to rely on the advertising agencies. They sometimes provide false or bogus links that can serve as deceptive to the attorneys, especially those with less internet knowledge. This can be quite misleading for the lawyers and hence the lawyers must be alert while choosing the services of a pay per lead agencies to generate attorney leads. Some agencies might give very lucrative offers and promotions but ultimately will lead to huge losses for the firms.

Need for Using Diverse Channels for Attorney Leads Generation

As the pay per leads option is becoming risky and deceptive, it is recommended for the law firms and lawyers, not to rely on a single source of lead generation. Trying out multiple ways and means of marketing is the best way for continuous and quality lead generation process. Apart from PPL and PPC, blogging and organic SEO are good techniques to generate quality attorney leads for the law firms. Focus on your website content and provide customer service as per the professional and ethical standards thereby giving more scope to your business to grow.

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